OSI Industries expands through acquisition deals

OSI Industries is the best food production company in the globe. It has the best presence in the world since it has production facilities in 17 different countries. The company has in recent times been focusing on local and international expansion. In the past five years, CEO Sheldon Lavin has been directing his energy to the expansion of this facility. The company has made some purchases, as well as acquisitions that, will improve the services from this company and enable it o reach out to a higher number of customers around the globe.

Purchase in Chicago

OSI Industries purchased a food production plant that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. The purchase took place in 2017 and saw OSI acquire 200,000 square feet of space enabling the company to have sufficient space to do their production work and produce enough supplies for the local market. OSI also had another plant in Chicago meaning they will be able to smoothen the operations of food production due to the proximity of the two facilities. Although the new production facility was designed to produce chicken products, it will be modified to produce other products as well.

Flagship Europe

About OSI industries also acquired Flagship Europe, a U.K-based food production company. The plan to acquire this plant is based on the need to expand the operations of OSI in Europe. The company is planning to have a better and solid presence in Europe. Flagship Europe was later renamed Creative Foods Europe. With this acquisition, both companies will reap huge benefits from this partnership. It is an acquisition that will increase the company’s market value in the region and even help Creative Foods Europe to increase its products portfolio.

Spain’s expansion

OSI Industries has targeted Europe as one of the areas where it would like to engage in business even more. Due to the demand for their products coming from this region, the company has expanded its food production in different locations in Europe. In Spain, they have expanded the food production plant based in Toledo. This plant will now be producing double the amount of quality chicken products that it used to produce.

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ClassDojo Brings Beyond School To Its App Features

ClassDojo founders Sam Chaudhary, Liam Don and their team of developers have announced the much anticipated premium content they’ve talked about before is now here. Thanks to a recent $35 million round of venture funding, they will now add Beyond School as an extra purchase feature to their main app. What this will do is add some learning tools for students to use under the guidance of their parents while they’re outside the class and tackle homework assignments. Teachers had been requesting a few extra options like this to cover learning areas that they weren’t quite able to address with students on their time. The latest funding for the Beyond School features now puts ClassDojo at a valuation somewhere near $400 million.

Chaudhary and Don started this app because they believed so much more could be done to improve education in much the same way other apps from Silicon Valley were disrupting major economic sectors. They didn’t know exactly what they should do to make an effective app for teachers, so they visited a convention to get ideas directly from the teachers themselves. Initially what they came up with was a behavior points award system for encouraging good behavior from students, but they started building onto that and in a few years had practically their own classroom Facebook platform. But unlike the issues facing social media companies regarding data privacy and selling it off to advertisers, ClassDojo doesn’t do any of that and they’ve introduced enhanced security protocols to prevent personally identifiable information on students from being compromised. Beyond just being an app of learning assistance and behavior rewarding, ClassDojo has enabled parents and teachers to be in constant communication and even forego parent-teacher meetings.

ClassDojo has remained free and been able to improve its experience because Chaudhary and Don elected not to spend any capital on advertising. To them, as long as people are talking about the app there’s no need to put intrusive ads in it or spend exorbitant amounts of money on TV commercials. There’s also been no immediate pressure from investors to monetize the app, though they are pleased with the new Beyond School addition.

Efforts of Neurocore to Fight Depression

 Following three minutes of biofeedback, the customer is linked with the neurofeedback sensors, put on the head and ears, and afterward starts a neurofeedback session that lasts for 40 minutes. Both the biofeedback and neurofeedback apply visual cues to prepare customers who watch film from on a PC screen.


When a customer’s breathing cadence is out of the ideal range, the display in the PC shrinks, provoking a change in the breathing pattern until the PC display gets to its typical pattern. Likewise, neurofeedback screens and measures the customer’s brainwave action while the customer watches a movie. At any time the activities of the brainwaves go out of the usual limits, the movie pauses, offering both the visual and audio signal.


 The specialist at Neurocore maintains that by utilizing those sound and viewable signs, the patient figures out how to upgrade their brain action ensuring it remains in the ordinary range. Through the span of thirty sessions, pathways and connections of the new brain shaped and reinforced. After every session, information for the EEG is not only recorded but also logged. This data is utilized to decide the treatment parameters for upcoming sessions.


 In the wake of finishing thirty sessions, the customer finishes a full post evaluation which is the same as the first one. Information gathered amid the program is explored with the customer who is also provided a comprehensive printout of the process. The facility clarified that it gathers information on the aftereffects of customers who finish its 30-week program.


 To exhibit the viability of its program when finished, the program compares and compiles this inner information to decide the level of progress experienced by every customer after the program. All the claims at Neurocore are based on evaluations of its customers who are able to finalize the given 30 sessions.


 According to Neurocore, depression, sleep, migraines, autism, anxiety and ADHD are all interspersed with clients’ testimonials that show improvements after finishing the program. Also, the site incorporates a whole website page with different reviews from clients. A considerable number of the tributes portrayed the manner in which the Neurocore program eliminated or decreased the requirement for taking drug and provided a cure or solution for these testing conditions.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum On Trends And Advances In Orthopedics

Having been in the realm of orthopedics for more than a decade, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a well-established orthopedic, who for the last one decade has been restoring the hopes of his patients for a happier, pain-free life through top-notch joint and bone treatments. He mainly specializes on knee, hip and shoulder replacement and his top of the shelf experience and innovativeness has not only benefited his patients but the entire realm of orthopedics as well as he has been coming up with revolutionary joint replacement systems.

Currently serving Bronxcare Health System’s orthopedics department as the chairman, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is mostly renowned for his minimally invasive knee replacement procedure which now makes it possible for doctors to carry out knee replacement surgery without necessarily having to replace the entire knee joint. This goes a long way in speeding up the patient’s recovery process as it reduces trauma to the surrounding knee tissues as well as improving the quality of life of the patient.

It is thanks to his top of the shelf experience that Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was the ideal person to share the trends and advances in the field of orthopedics. Dr. Ira recently shared insights from a 377-page report prepared for other experts like him as well as investors thinking of investing in this field. According to the report, joint replacements are now popular more than ever thanks to the use of technology to improve their efficacy. For instance, orthopedic surgeons are far more familiar with 3D tech placing them one step ahead as they can now carry out surgeries that offer better results to the patients.

Robots and orthopedics

Apart from orthopedists being more skilled in carrying out replacement surgeries, robots are yet another trend that make the future of orthopedics brighter. According to the report highlighted by Dr. Ira, the use of robotics in replacement surgeries is no longer something that is set to happen in the future as it is already taking place. For instance, robotic arms are already being used in replacement surgeries and are the preferred option as they boast better and accurate control hence making it easy for them to cut through tissues and place implants. This saves on time and also improves the quality of the surgery, thereby speeding up recovery.

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The Growth Of OSI Group McDonalds Under David Mcdonald’s Leadership

OSI Group McDonalds is an American based private holding company and is a worldwide leader in the food sector. It processes meat and services both retail and food service industries. The company started in the early 20th century as a butcher shop and was operated by one German immigrant. By fate, the business grew to become one of the key regional meat suppliers in the mid-century. The company has been experiencing an impressive upward growth of its business over time since it branched competitively into new undertakings in the United States of America and internationally where it’s currently operating in 17 countries with 65 branches and 20,000 employees with its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

David McDonald, OSI Group’s chief operating officer, and president rose from the very first job he landed on after graduating from college as a project manager in the same company to his present position over his three-decade career at OSI Group. He also chairs the North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald has played an outstanding role in OSI Group’s landmark expansion in China. OSI was able to establish its first, subsidiary company, which was their ninth plant, in Shanghai China for the first time where it was operating fast food chains where it’s was selling meat. OSI Group McDonalds Company also managed to open a poultry operation in Xinhua and became their tenth processing plant.

David McDonald made sure that the company employed the use of modern technology for quality products and optimal efficiency in their operations. This saw the company produce quality beef and poultry products.

OSI Group McDonalds good management of both environment and safety risks during their operations has seen them receive recognition awards. In consideration of their annual revenue, OSI Group McDonalds was ranked to be position 136 private company by Forbes in 2011 with its revenue at 3 billion dollars then gradually rose in the rank and by 2016 it was ranked to be 58th largest private company with its revenue at 6.1 billion dollars. On top of the achievements it attained, British Safety Council awarded OSI Group McDonalds with the Globe of Honour in 2016 and in 2018 it was recognized with an award of safety byte British Safety Council at the International Safety Awards.

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The Aspire: a Major Milestone for Boraie Development

Boraie development launched the opening of the Aspire. The 17-story luxury building lies steps away from the train station at New Brunswick with direct access to Philadelphia and Manhattan. There are 238 spacious, one and two bedroom apartments and well-appointed studio that depicts a full-service modern building. The apartments offer a lifestyle and services that are unique and satisfactory.

The unmatched amenities include a vibrant restaurant as well as a retail center within reach in central New Jersey. The Aspire provides a 24-hour doorman, a garage with direct access to an elevator service to the lobby and on-site management and maintenance. The living rooms have hardwood floors, oversized windows, and carpeting in the bedrooms. There is also a roof deck and a fitness center among others.

Boraie development announced its partnership with a former NBA star Shaquille O’ Neal. While the first partnership led to the construction of a 168- unit building, the second is larger with 350 units. Boraie development has proved its high-quality work with the construction of the Aspire. The superstar building is in his home town of Newark at 777 McCarter Highway in the downtown area. Shaquille intended to make a difference in his native town.

Matt Badiali Shines When It Comes To Natural Resources

Matt Badiali knows a thing or two about the world of natural resources and how to investment them. He combined them in the best way with his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. How is he able to do this? When he joined Banyan Hill Publishing company in 2017, Mr. Badiali created his successful newsletter. It covers natural resources, oil, energy, metals, and much more. The chief resource investment expert brings his ideas to life by bringing his audience on a journey. Not any journey, but the story of the financial expert’s life experiences, especially when it comes to traveling across the globe to see these natural resources in action.

Matt Badiali has been to Hong Kong, Haiti, Switzerland, and many more countries. He will probably continue to be a globe trotter into old age. Mr. Badiali is on top of the latest news when it comes to the science/natural resource. The rapid change of energy consumption has captured his interest. It’s primarily what energy sources people use and how it’s changing. Out with the old and in with the new. The other fascinating part of our changing energy use is how the world will use batteries on a major scale in the near future. Some batteries can power a whole town or city.

Matt Badiali has worked in the field of science in many different ways. He is a geologist/analyst at Stansberry Research. Matt has also taught geology at the University of North Carolina. In addition, Mr. Badiali worked as an environmental geologist in Miami, Florida. It was his worst and most dangerous job to date. He recalls the experience very well. To break it down, Matt Badiali had to gather contaminated dirt and water samples. Needless to say, this propelled him to continue his education and get a Ph.D at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Previously to earning his Ph.D, Mr. Badiali earned a BS in earth sciences and geology at Pennsylvania State University. Then he earned his Master’s degree in the same major from Florida Atlantic University. Matt Badiali currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida with his family.

Ted Bauman Says Amazon Is Not A Monopoly and Shareholders Should Be Vigilant

Ted Bauman, editor of The Bauman Letter, and writer for Smart Money service and a weekly stock trading service called the Alpha Stock Alert has some pretty strong opinions on Amazon.  Ted Bauman is an economist that works hard to give people as much accurate information on critical financial and investment issues so that they are able to make careful and informed decisions about the things that they invest it. His goal is to help his subscribers and his readers to build long-lasting wealth that lasts through several generations. The economist recently revealed his views on the Amazon company and gave his views and his investment advice on investing in their stocks. Ted Bauman sees Amazon as most everyone else sees it, a service that provides instant gratification to anyone who orders online.

It has a huge selection of merchandise that all come at competitive prices which makes it a retail magnet for buyers and sellers alike. Manny renowned economic experts think that Amazon will control over half the retail market online within three years or less. Unlike many experts that say that this makes Amazon a monopoly, Ted Bauman disagrees and points out that Wal-Mart still sells three times as much revenue as Amazon does. In fact, online stores like Wal-Mart, eBay, Apple, Target, and Macy’s still represent over 56% percent of the online market. Ted Bauman says that Amazon cannot be considered a monopoly because its impact on conventional stores has not been super sufficient.

Online stores have no doubt experienced an explosion in growth as buyers can get everything they need from cold medicine to an entire bedroom set at the mere touch of a button. However, traditional stores remain to be very popular and they continue to generate 9/10ths of any revenue seen in the United States. Bauman also points out the fact that anything that is considered a monopoly generally has a ton of public criticism thrown at it for how it does things, but most people have nothing but positive opinions about Amazon despite their occasional mistake that every company is bound to have. Unlike most monopolistic companies, Amazon still works hard at providing excellent customer service at prices that are affordable by the general population!

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Matthew Fleeger Continues To Draw On His Talents To Expand The Companies He Is A Part Of

Matthew Fleeger is a talented entrepreneur who has been able to find success in more than one industry. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, LLC., which focuses on exploring, acquiring, and developing domestic gas and oil reserves. The company mainly works in the gulf coast region in the U.S. and has built many successful partnerships along the way.

Matthew Fleeger took over the leadership role for the company some years back and is happy to be able to continue working in the family-owned business. Gulf Coast Western has been working with partners in Southwestern Louisiana for many years and has also been able to develop many different prospects due to these partnerships. The company is headquartered in Texas but continues to produce oil and gas in more than one southern U.S. state.

Matthew Fleeger has been working with Northcote Energy Ltd. in order to grow his company. In fact, Gulf Coast Western bought up 50 percent of the assets and working interests of the company. Fleeger’s company has also been looking to expand into many other states in the U.S. and has been building new partnerships to do so. A large percentage of the company’s that are partnered with Gulf Coast are working with them in more than one way.

Matthew Fleeger studied at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, where he earned his degree in business administration. He has used his education to help him become a leader in the oil and gas industry. His team building skills continue to allow him to create new ventures and exciting business opportunities. He is also the founder of MedSolutions, Inc. and served as the company’s president and CEO for more than a decade. Fleeger has also built one of the most successful indoor tanning ventures in the United States.


JHSFs Successes Under the Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

Founded in 1972, JHSF is a leading Brazilian company in the real estate sector of high income with operations in the commercial and residential markets acquisitions, development and management of shopping centers, upscale hotels, and international executive airport. The company has been able to identify new opportunities in the markets it operates since its inception. It innovates, pioneers, dares, and presents sustainable solutions in its developments and projects. Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the biggest companies in Brazil. The company increased its presence in capital such as Salvador, Sao Paulo, Manaus and internationally in Punta del Este (Uruguay), Miami (USA), and New York (USA).

The company’s main business units include incorporation, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Shopping Center, and Airports. JHSF went public in 2007 under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto. Jose Auriemo Neto serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO. He joined the company for the first time in 1993 and created a parking lot management company he called Parkbem. He was poised for greater things when he was in the family business with his father running it. Since then, his career maintained an upward growth trajectory becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He was listed by Business of Fashion’s last year edition as one of the most influential individuals in the fashion industry.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s unmatched entrepreneurial spirits was demonstrated when he came up with the idea of building a luxury complex on the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. When he told his father about the idea, his father was reluctant to take up the idea doping it as too risky. However, his father came on board and supported him to build the complex now CALLED Parque Cidade Jardim. The complex contains apartments, nine residential towers, a shopping mall with 180 stores, four offices, as well as other spaces reserved for a hotel of brand Fasano. Jose Auriemo Neto moved to New York when his company was building a high-rise apartment in the Fifth Avenue, Central Park. The successful entrepreneur went to Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo.